About Me

When I launched Revelator’s website in Spring 2015 with the words “Music’s Everything.” across its homepage, the moment was not just the culmination of over twenty years in the music industry, but it also represented a personal triumph.

Inspired by the possibilities and challenges of today’s digital landscape, I created Revelator to enable the digital transformation of the creative industries, and become the best data management platform to serve rights holders and rights managers across the globe - from large organizations, medium sized indie labels and publishers to independent artists.

The idea of music professionals having autonomy, control, and ownership of their music, rights and data and being able to monetize and market their digital content online and across mobile devices, all from one place, simply hadn’t been done before.

I was born in Paris, France, studied Ethnomusicology at UCLA and started my music business career in Los Angeles in 1993, after founding the record label, Quango Music Group. Through Quango, I quickly made my name as DJ, producer and tastemaker releasing the mixtapes that were the output of my DJing on LA’s seminal radio station KCRW and a slew of underground clubs such as BossaNova and Ponana Souk.

My mixes caught the ear of legendary industry executive and Island Records founder Chris Blackwell, and soon after Quango became a subsidiary of Blackwell’s Island Records, later moving to Blackwell’s venture Palm Pictures. Through Island Records, Quango released early music from the likes of Tricky, Sneaker Pimps, Basement Jaxx, Kruder and Dorfmeister and Talvin Singh amongst many others.

Alongside the label, I created and curated the musical experience at Blackwell’s Island Outpost Hotels, with custom experiences for each property. This landmark lifestyle branding work continues to this day, not only for the resorts but also Chris Blackwell’s Spotify channel. Over the last 20 years, my work in branding and music identity helped define other brands and retail experiences, including luxury eyewear company Oliver Peoples, the Standard Hotel and American Rag.

Due to the complicated nature of music business administration, I had to deal with metadata issues early on, managing publishing, licensing agreements and royalty distributions through systems I built in the 1990s. Eventually I migrated to the cloud and turned software into a fully customized label management solution with the ability to relate tracks, songs, and albums to writer, publisher and performer royalty information. This was the prototype for Revelator.

In 2000, my life was turned upside down when a swimming accident tragically left me paralyzed. At this point, I was presented with a personal challenge, that required me to make enormous lifestyle and professional changes that could have ended all of my ambitions.

Music had always been my outlet and was ultimately the source of my recovery. The dedication and focus on my music projects became even stronger and I leveraged technology to make my daily life run more smoothly – more efficient.

As I powered through my career, the music industry was also going through a transformation of its own. The migration to digital, and consequently applying automated processes to dealing with the mechanics of running a digital music business, and streamlining the exponential increase in the amount of data associated with all these new channels and devices would become the next focus of my career.

In between 2001-2004 I continued releasing music on Quango, signing and developing breakthrough artists Zero 7 and Bitter:Sweet, and finding success in licensing music for film, television, and advertising. I also served as Creative Music Director for Guy Laliberte’s Cirque du Soleil, crafting the soundtracks of the live entertainment shows.

After over 20 years in Los Angeles, I moved to Israel to pursue the next chapter of my life closer to family. While still managing the operations of my record label, I realized the metadata management and reporting solutions I had created were no longer enough to provide the core services labels provide artists. If I wanted to continue running a digital music business, I needed to build a sales and marketing solution that was as easy to use as how modern web or mobile applications have become – integrated, sophisticated, and managed. It was time for Revelator to be born.

With all of the years of music and technology experience behind me, I saw a clear opportunity to build a better music industry. By the summer of 2012, I began building the foundation of Revelator - a cloud-based data management & rights administration platform for digital business.

Since that moment in 2012, I have assembled a talented team of the best software developers, product designers, creative professionals, investors and music industry experts to orchestrate my vision of re-engineering the digital music industry.

Today, Revelator is a global business proposition with a growing list of music industry clients and customers, 82,000 rights holders, a track count approaching 650,000 and more than 7.5B transactions processed in 2016.

Revelator is innovating with today’s technologies to provide greater transparency, scale and automation for the global registration and distribution of digital assets, royalty collections and real-time payments.

My mission is to bring greater transparency, simplicity and efficiency to the way artists, managers, record labels, music publishers and rights organizations manage their businesses in today’s fragmented digital landscape. With the industry finally ready to embrace streaming as the new dominant business model, the market dynamics are right for Revelator to accelerate the growth of the independent creative class in the intellectual property rights value chain, and enable artists and creators to realize their dream of making a sustainable career out of their talent.

To learn more, please visit and follow Revelator on Twitter @GetRevelator