After 20 years of running a music business, I found myself eager to share my acquired knowledge and experience by developing Revelator, a leading provider of copyright and data services for today’s digital industry.  

Revelator’s cloud-based platform addresses the challenges of processing, reporting and analyzing large volumes of data, and solves the problems of transparency in royalty distributions to copyright owners and creators across IP verticals. Revelator’s industry leading end-to-end solution, helps enterprises to generate more value from their data, while enabling their rights owners to manage their assets, rights, and data with unprecedented simplicity and efficiency in an easy-to-use web and mobile interface.

Revelator’s infinite computing and micro-services architecture, leverages serverless technology, big data, and machine learning to collect, process, identify, match, enrich and analyze consumption and financial data from over 800 digital services to produce accurate reporting and visualizations to rights holders and deliver actionable insights. Revelator’s suite of APIs power digital businesses of all sizes from distributors to record labels, and beginning in 2018, music publishers & rights societies. 

Today, Revelator manages close to 1 million sound recordings, serves over 100,000 rights holders, processes over 10 billion transactions per year, and generates over 200,000 monthly royalty statements.

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